Building Maintenance Unit

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Building maintenance monorail systems are available in either galvanised steel tube sections or an extruded aluminium profile. Cento building maintenance monorails are designed to suspend a two person powered cradle in accordance with BS 6037 and BS EN 1808.

Building maintenance monorail systems are supported via soffit mounted or cantilever brackets fixed back to the building structure at a maximum of 3 metre intervals. All building maintenance monorail systems are internally sleeved, thus allowing for thermal expansion of the track along its length. Both monorail sections can be powder coated to match adjacent cladding and building finishes.

It is essential that safe designated areas are provided to ensure good access to the monorail suspension point for rigging. It is also important that provision is made for transporting the cradle between rigging points at roof or ground level.

The system is best were the roof is inaccessible or have a canopy. An Mono Rail is a single track system, the cradle suspended directly below the track.

Monorail Options

- Horizontal Face Mounted Monorail

- Horizontal Parapet Mounted Monorail

- Horizontal Ceiling suspended Monorail

- Inclined Face Mounted Monorail

- Inclined Parapet Mounted Monorail

- Inclined Ceiling Suspended Monorail

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