Building Maintenance Unit

Have the finest team of design which is well complemented with
the efficient cleaning team to provide a complete solution.

Movements : Luffing

The luffing device let us go over a parapet, a lits core, or any kind of wall. Even, that jib luffing let us change the outreach at any time while we descend.

Also is a useful device for parking areas, so it lets the jib raise to a horizontal position when parked.


We can make the trolley slew, in order to reach areas on a different angle, like working in 45º
360º turn

Rotating speed : 11 m / min at the cradle

Possible anticollision device for the jib

Calculated against storm winds


The trolley is able to traverse along a track layout all throught the perimeter of the building or the designated area. This function is one of the basics in order to reach properly just in front of the façade to reach.

Traversing speed : 10 m / min

Anticolision detectors

Presence of track detector

Spreader bar

Is one of the most used device. It lets the cradle be orientated completely flat to the façade.

It lets the cradle orientate 180º

Normally used in corners or angled façades

It can be folded forward while on parking on request

Telescopic extension

Is one of the most complicated movements in a cleaning machine.

The horizontal telescopic allow the operator to adjust the distance he is from the track.

Also used for small parking positions.

We can add as much telescopic parts as needed.


It is the main movement on a machine. It lets the operator go up & down freely through the whole height of the façade.

- Up to 450m height
- Loads from 120Kgr (1 person) to 4 tones
- Standards load 240Kgr (2 people)
- Cradles from 1m up to 20m (standard, 2m)

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