Appletree -Tracks
Anchored track  Sample
The anchored track is normally used for big cradle units, on machines of more than 3 meters outreach.

This track has to be attached to the building through some plinths or directly bolted or welded to the structure.

Take in mind the waterproofing on design.

Free laid system  Sample
The free laid system is supported on the roof structure. It is a perfect solution to avoid waterproofing and it is very quick to install.

This solution is available with small machines (less than 3 meters outreach).
Rubber wheels over L profile  Sample
The small machines can always go over their own wheels (rubber wheels). Traversing as a supermarket trolley.

To do that they need a guiding that is supported to the building on different ways. The most commonly used one is a L profile anchored to the building or parapet.
Rubber wheels over concrete guide  Sample
The same feature can also be guided by a concrete guide attached to the concrete slab.
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