Appletree - ZLP Suspended Platform
Temporary Access Equipment

ZLP series temporarily installed suspended access equipment, which is developed and produced by Appletree in Partnership with SHENXI corporate, is ideal equipment for building fa├žade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance. And it is also widely used in elevator installing, ship building and repairing, or in other work, such as big-size tank, bridge, embankment and chimney.ZLP series versatile knock-down platforms provide worker safer, easier and more efficient platform access.

Because of superior quality and first class service, our ZLP series suspended platforms are widely applied in major national construction projects, such as DLF Mall of India, Central Park, Aakriti Hotel, Ireo Grand Arch, JW Marriott Hotel, Delhi Metro Multi Level Car Parking and so on. And now our products are exported to various countries and regions all over the world.
ZLP Series Suspended Platform Parameters

Note: Above parameters are standard specifications, we do custom-made for clients at most of time. We can design as your special building site, please consult if you have any special requests.
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