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Since 2005

Experience Safety, Innovation and Quality in Every Access Solution We Provide

"Established in 2005, AppleTree has become a beacon of excellence in the façade access industry. With over two decades of steadfast commitment to quality, safety, and innovation, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions, from superior products to exceptional after-sales services, including AMCs and CAMCs. Our unwavering dedication to safety standards and protocols ensures the well-being of our clients and their assets, making us a trusted provider in the industry. As we continue to innovate, we are expanding our reach into new industries where access is paramount, bringing our unique blend of expertise and ingenuity to solve complex challenges. At AppleTree, we don't just deliver solutions, we build lasting partnerships, ensuring you always have the support you need, when you need it. Experience the AppleTree difference - where professionalism, innovation, safety, and customer-centric service converge."

"Welcome to our world of excellence, where project competence meets innovation. Our turnkey solutions, powered by a dedicated team of expert designers, ensure seamless transition from proposal to project handover. We adhere strictly to EN1808 standards throughout our processes, from procurement and manufacturing to factory testing, ensuring total compliance and safety. We pride ourselves on aligning perfectly with your project requirements, delivering bespoke solutions that exceed expectations. Our commitment to quality, safety, and attention to detail sets us apart, making us your trusted partner in bringing visions to life. Experience the difference with us, where your project dreams become our mission, executed with total compliance and excellence."

At Apple Tree, we offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance of your machines at all times. Our dedicated maintenance team is committed to prolonging the lifespan of your machines and minimizing downtime, providing you with reliable and efficient service.

We provide facade cleaning services that help preserve the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your buildings. Utilizing safe and effective cleaning methods, we ensure your building's facade remains clean and damage-free, enhancing the longevity and visual appeal of your infrastructure

At Apple Tree, we offer a robust rental service for construction machinery, specializing in the provision of the ZLP 800 Cradle. With a substantial stock , we are well-equipped to meet your rental needs, providing reliable and efficient solutions for your construction projects.

Home Consulting

On-Time Excellence

AppleTree's unique ERP software
guarantees smooth project
management. From procurement to
quality control and dispatch, the CRM ensures punctuality and accuracy.
Experience the AppleTree edge,
where technology and excellence
harmonize prompt project delivery.

Comprehensive Façade Access Solutions

Our range of services spans across
the entire façade access lifecycle,
from manufacturing and rental to
maintenance and cleaning. This
all-encompassing approach ensure
you enjoy a seamless, hassle-free
experience, making AppleTree a
one-stop solution provider for all
façade access needs.

Customised Approach

At AppleTree, we offer customized
solutions for your unique projects,
meeting distinct requirements with
precision. Our tailored approach
ensures optimal outcomes, while
prioritizing safety. With deep
commitment to high safety standards, we guarantee customer satisfaction.
Experience the AppleTree difference

Inhouse Manufacturing

Extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities

AppleTree is committed to producing and conducting rigorous testing on all our machines internally. This comprehensive process ensures peak functionality and reliability, coupled with robust quality control across our product offerings.
"At AppleTree, each machine is subjected to rigorous checks conducted by our skilled quality assurance teams using advanced equipment. Our adherence to the stringent EN1808 standards ensures that these checks extend beyond production, into post-production testing for optimal real-world performance. This unwavering
commitment to excellence and safety is the cornerstone of our operations, enabling us to deliver top-notch, fully-tested machines that meet and exceed industry standards. At AppleTree, we manufacture not just machines, but also trust and assurance, fulfilling our clients' needs with steadfast reliability and compliance. Experience the AppleTree difference, where safety, quality, and compliance converge to deliver excellence."

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