Manohar International Airport

Facts & Figure

Commencement         Nov 2021
Completion                  Nov 2022
Building Height           55m for ATC and 25m for PTB
Outreach (metres)      Na
Product Type               23m Gantry For the Atc and Monarail with scissor cradle for PTB

Building Type               Commercial Building   


Revolutionizing Cleaning Operations at Manohar International Airport North Goa with the Installation of a Monorail System and a Inclined Gantry " The Manohar International Airport North Goa is one of the busiest airports in the country, and it requires a maintenance and cleaning system that is efficient and capable of handling the demands of a busy airport. Appletree was entrusted with the task of designing and installing a cleaning system that would meet these requirements, and the result was the installation of a monorail system and inclined Gantry.


The monorail system at the Manohar International Airport North Goa consists of electronic traversing trolleys and two platforms - a standard platform with a pod openable up to 500mm and a scissor platform that can open up to 3 meters. This is the first time such a platform has been designed and manufactured in India to access all parts of the passenger terminal building. The trolleys are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, making them highly efficient and reliable.


The ATC building at the airport features a unique conical structure with glass and ACP façade, and Appletree was tasked with creating a custom-made inclined gantry that could traverse around the structure. The result was a gantry with a length of 25 meters, powered by SEW Euro drive motors, that provides maintenance personnel with access to all parts of the building, making cleaning operations more efficient. The bottom part of the ATC tower has a monorail system with a Pod cradle with a extension 0f 900mm First time in India


This case study highlights the benefits of investing in advanced technology for building maintenance and cleaning. The monorail and Gantry system installed at the Manohar International Airport North Goa serves as a model for others in the industry to consider similar solutions. The system has greatly improved cleaning operations at the airport and has set a new standard for building maintenance in the industry.