DLF Cyber Park

Facts & Figure

Commencement                  March 2021

Completion                           Aug 2021

Building Height                    50m

Outreach (metres)               6

Product Type                        2 ROOF Mounted Twin track BMU

Building Type                        Commercial Building   


DLF Cyberpark is a large complex located on NH8 road in Gurugram. The client required an automatic system that would efficiently access and maintain the facade of the complex, which spans a large area. The Appletree design team had to come up with a solution that would meet the client's requirements and provide maximum efficiency.


Appletree's design team proposed the installation of two 7-meter BMUs that would move on twin tracks along the entire periphery of the building. This would enable easy access to all locations of the building, ensuring maximum efficiency in facade maintenance. The project required the installation of nearly 2 km of tracks, which Appletree accomplished successfully.


Appletree's facade access solution has enabled the DLF Cyberpark team to access and maintain the building facade with ease and efficiency. The two BMUs on twin tracks provide complete coverage of the building, ensuring that all areas are easily accessible for maintenance. The client is satisfied with the result, and Appletree's expertise in providing innovative solutions for complex projects has been once again demonstrated.