Thick push on frames - stable, robust, durable and economical.

No risk of injury from sharp edges.

Maintenance free coupling claws with automatic locking.

Telescopic stabilizers are secured with additional anti-torsion protection.

Non-slip platforms-made from high quality imported wood.

Weather and water resistant with toe boards and guide rails for extra protection

Welded platform frames, long lasting and maintenance free.

Extra stable guard rails-for even greater safety and stability

Chassis beams-for working at greater heights, additional triangular stabilizers considerably reduce the number of counter weights and ensure optimal stability

Castor wheels with locking mechanism.

Effortless raising and lowering by a lever or crank system.

Provides easy access to very high building surfaces, removing the necessity for considerable construction effort supported scaffolding would demand.


Initial construction of a building

Renovation work to exterior walls, interior walls and ceilings

Roofing installation, upgrade and repair

Renovation work to exterior walls, interior walls and ceilings

Window washing

Window replacements

Siding work

Painting and sealing